Cleaning off the rust

This update is to let you, the fans, be aware that development of Regal Tails has not and will not stop until completion.  We all do deeply appreciate those who have stuck around and kept an eye on us for updates.   We all do hope that an understanding is made as we all had to face difficulties over the year, all in part thanks to covid.

Though this is a passion project,  I personally requested all members of the team to seek out other projects that could ensure they are fed and housed well before anything else.  Their safety came first.  However as things slowly progress back, we will slowly get into the swing of things as well.

It isn't much as of now, but we've applied a few updated songs and dialog that feel helps provide a deeper connection with Naja and her band of friends.  There are scripts on the backburning being reviewed, and we hope all the new characters and story beats will live up to your expectations!

This story of Naja houses a personal place in our hearts and we do not intend for her to be forgotten.  We hope she stays in your memories as well as we continue on with this grand ballet of hers.

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Dec 09, 2019

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