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Regal Tails is an epic tale of a mothers conquest to end a war that stole her family from her.  Set in a fantasy world of knights and beastfolk, you get to lay the ground works of the tale of Naja; the fierce lioness war chieftain.

Breaking away from conventional visual novel formats where you takes back seat of a nameless character, here you will take the role as director of the narrative.  Guide several characters down your own path.  Every decision will ultimately alter the final outcome to the grand design!

Can you help snag victory for Naja or will you doom her to a fate most unpleasant?

SiriusLeeLost has forged together an astonishing team of people for this project: Kabrion (Artist), TheEmberFox(composer) pair up to bring you this passion project to life!

How free range do you have within the story?

Regal Tails dives into a fantasy world where YOU are the narrator!  Although the story centers around Naja you will gain the option of seeing the perspective of several characters within the war.

How you play them will alter the war!


Content will include blood, violence, and sexual interactions.
For public access stores, such as Steam, certain scenes will be mild down.
We will, however, have several scenes for various characters in the story for a separate download; if desired.  The main orientations will be straight, but we are flexible to change things up if the demands are called from patrons!

Expect more in the updates to come!

Until then, feel free to follow us on:

Patreon - https://www.patreon.com/RegalTails
Twitter - https://twitter.com/RegalTails
FA - http://www.furaffinity.net/user/regaltails/

Artist/Programmer - Kabrion
Sound - TheEmberFox
Author - SiriusLeeLost
Editor - Desirnee

Editor Notes:  Game is in alpha.  Many concepts, designs, and dialog can and will change upon development.  Any feedback into the project is highly welcome!  :)


Regal_Tails-0.4.1-mac.zip 371 MB
Regal_Tails-0.4.1-pc.zip 388 MB

Development log


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My friend recommended itch.io to me, and I didn't really pay attention, since the URL gave me the idea it was just some bad web game like all the other .io things.

And then I stumbled upon this gem. God, I wish I had money to support you guys- I mean, I do have money, but how is one to ship cash across the world without any privacy concerns?

The artwork is simple but vivid. The background music gives you the chills in the cold nights and the hot battles. I feel like I'm really there watching it unfold.

I know I'm just some random person and you probably trust me as much as Naja can throw me, but if you ever need help with items such as debugging or grammar corrections, let me know.


So, how's development going on with this ?

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hello I just wanted to drop  this off, I absolutely loved your game!! I usually stay away from female protags but this one I was interested in and when I started reading it. It was just amazing I loved how you can feel how Naja felt. if you decide to put a price tag on it I will give you my money xD. 

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Hello, i just played the demo. May i know if this game is still being worked on ? I consider being a patron, but i can't pay for something that maybe is dead ! I hope you understand my concern and that you'll provide me an answer. Because seeing that the last message sent on the patreon is from 2020 is a bit scary.


Due to covid, it has been a taxing ordeal to get back into the groove of things.  That said, with everyone being back in a more comfortable place financially, we're hoping to get back on track.

It's been an absolute dreadful experience not being able to pump out content like before.  We are sorry to everyone if it felt this project has been abandoned.  It is not.  Everyone on the team's well being comes first, and seeing how stable it's becoming we hope to get updates made before the year ends!


Oh thanks god, so it's not dead ! Well, you earned a new fan ! You got my support, i love your work. Because this game was... WOAW !! The artwork is amazing ! And the story too ! How will it end ? I wonder... And that's what makes a VN a good VN ! Firstly i can CHOOSE to be this or that, and this is SO rewarding to see that yes, your choices actually matter, so you have to take the history seriously ! And furthermore, the story is entertaining enough for me to make me wondering how it's gonna end. I mean, i just wanna see the end right now. 

I'm glad this is still being worked on. Because it deserves it. I can see that there is a LOT of time in those drawings and that would be such a waste to abandon them. So thanks you a lot. I loved your game and i'll help you. 

Is it still being worked on ?


Thanks for the update! These past 2 years have been rough for everyone. A blog update or something small like responding in the comments section like this can go a long way. It's the difference between the fans of project remembering that it exists or thinking that it's dead. Seeing the devs interact with their community shows that they're alive and well (along with their project).  Which is so important nowadays.

I much prefer a dev saying "we've made no progress, but we will get back to it in a couple of months, due to some problems." Rather than complete silence. Silence gives the illusion that perhaps the devs of a project no longer want to expend the effort, which means effectively that the project too, is no longer worth their attention.

Popping on and giving an update/response about every 4 months let's everyone know that there's still hope, especially on this platform. (As updates and responses can be gauged monthly/yearly).

On behalf of us fans...Thanks so much for keeping up the good fight! Hope everything continues to grow in your favor! We can't wait to see what you have in store for us!


It is a shame that so much time has passed since they gave signs of life, I finished the demo and I am somewhat sad about the inactivity and I would like to know what the reason is so I do not stay with doubts in my head. And also I can not find his discord to look for more track out there. And even more, the beautiful music of the main menu still leaves me stunned by its beauty and I still want more of this story.


It has been somewhat of an aggravating process flushing out quality context, in thanks in part to COVID.  With this being simply a passion project, we advised our team to tend to other projects until we are all financially sound once more.   Thankfully with things getting slightly back into the norm, some advancement have been made since then.   The story of Naja holds a lot of importance to us, and we will see to it that her story is told. 

We only hope to acquire patients and understanding of this small blight as we get into the swing of things once more.


That's a relief, thank you so much for letting me know!


This VN is epic, i do hope it continues!


love the game


It's been a long time since I checked in, and longer still since I supported on Patreon, but I'm rooting for you guys. This game has had my attention for years, and it hasn't even come out yet. I hope it gets finished, and at the quality you hope it to be. I'll be here, waiting, 'til then!


Let's hope this game continues beyond the demo, I love the characters, and the story as well.

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Could you guys put out a Linux build? That'd be awesome!


Hey i was excited and interested in knowing more this story is good. if you set up a page for support like patreon or what not you can bet ill be there.


Is the game dead? Almost a year since the last update and it too was pretty short


Due to a number of real life issues, it has been a challenging effort, but fret not.  We are still in development, as well as looking to rescript a number of storylines down the line.  To all of you who are sticking around, we hope what we cook up will be worth the wait! ^^

Are you still developing? I love this game, shame if development stopped :c

Covid hit us pretty bad in terms of productivity.   But test assure, we're in the works...slowly but surely :)


This is impressive, the story is gripping and very well made. There were a lot of mistakes with  character names and words, but I expect they'll be gone by release. This looks and feels like a professional work. I hope this game reaches release, it would be amazing.


Oh man! Usually I can't stand Visual Novels, but the story is so gripping that it keeps me wanting to see what's next! Very awesome! I think more VNs should aspire to be like this!

I do have a question tho, does the first choice you make ultimately decide how Naja's personality is going to be from thereon out? Kind of feels like that's how it's going so far.

Will this be available on android

We will attempt to do so.   Currently we can't have a android version as of now due to the extensive memory space it requires.   That said, although it's not up to date with the other formats, there is an android demo on the patreon page that is free to download!

Deleted 2 years ago

I may know a method on how to play this on Android now!

Deleted 2 years ago

Do you have Discord? I'll explain it to you there.

Deleted 2 years ago

I've been playing this a bit here and there and really like it, and aside from a few typos every so often, there are other bits that stand out and in my opinion should get edited. Like when Naja gets face to face with Valaar, it was just said she stands about 8 1/2 feet while he stands barely over 6, but when they're face to face she looks at him eye level in the art (although being already finished artwork that may be a harder edit if done). A little later with Zutta and Mowrn, "He flung the empty bottle into the bonfire" (between Mowrn's dialogues so the "he" should refer to him), but moments later "He finished off the drink before slamming it into the bonfire" (again between Mowrn's dialogues so it should be him). Mowrn finished his drink and threw it into the bonfire twice.

Also, at one point the word "revajurate" is used...which isn't a word and I can't figure out what the typo is of.

Thank you for the feedback on the typos.  We could have sworn we addressed and edit that part with Mowrn and Zutta, but we'll check again.  As far as the finished art goes in size difference, we suggest playing it by theater of the mind until our artist address fixing these differences. ^^;



Does anyone know how that kind of art is called? No external lines, semi realistic characters and what not. I really want to learn how to draw like that. Is sooo great!


can try learning from the artist himself?   Hopefully its informative enough for you 😅

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Oh right, duh

That's a good starting point, thank you!

Btw, good game :3

Thank you! ❤😭


Does this VN has any gay romance/content? I mean male on male.


Currently, there's only one main pairing, which is straight, but they said they are totally open to having gay relationships if the interest is high enough!


True, I asked it once.

love the story and the work put into it. beautiful simply fantastic artwork, romance is great too want moooreee pls xD i don't have much money with the school and all but will gladly support you guys just please don't leave me hanging ;P

I am not a furry nor do i usually play VN's but to tell the truth i thoroughly enjoyed the current demoed story line. some of the grammar and spelling made me laugh but i could not scoff at the raw emotion that the music and setting conveyed. the characters were genuine and understandable. 

*spoilers from here on*

the dream sequence was very good. while cliche, the dream sequence definitely puts the player in her shoes when it comes to her worries and fears. the foreshadowing of her true enemy is incredibly strong though. most people would be able to devise a great deal of the plot from the dream sequence alone, and that can dampen some player's enjoyment of your story. well as far as the demo goes that is. Not sure how many twists and turns lie beyond. Once the dream sequence started, I knew exactly what was going on and i knew how that sequence would end as well. while i still fully enjoyed the sequence, i do wish it was a bit more subtle. overall 8/10. which is really good.

also if you need someone to review grammar and spelling in your narration I would be more than happy to help you.

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I am so happy to see a furry VN that focuses on straight content, as every single other one is for the gays. Which is fine, but finally something I can enjoy. But I have a couple questions, which I will separate into spoiler and non-spoiler categories. 


#1. How much impact do the choices we make have, and more importantly are the choices apparent? There's a difference between knowing if your choices might mean something, and not being sure if choosing for something mundane (like the choice to smash a tree, boulder or the sky) will kill all of your favorite characters. It's all in the writing, which so far has been wonderful (save a few typos), evidenced by the fact I just sat here for a couple hours reading. 

#2. On that note, how does the "narrator" part we play factor in? So far we have only made decisions in the shoes of Naja,(to my memory) meaning we aren't really narrating. Now if you mean Narrator as in someone with no real input in the story but reads it as a book instead of being a character in the story like most VNs, then I guess well done, but I took it as we were Storytellers here, not spectators with minimal input. 

#3. Will the finished product cost money? I can't find if this is the case anywhere, and it's a fair question. It certainly has the potential for the  quality to be monetized, but personally it's hard to buy things for technology reasons.


#1. Holy hell is it possible that the ending has a chance of being... not so bleak? Like via choices. Did I just make bad choices, or is the only ending the one that kills my favorite ship, all the Protagonist's friends, and a seven year old girl, while locking the hero away suddenly and without warning? Please tell me there's a chance things can end better, at least a little bit. For my soul? 

#2. Towards the end there, I wasn't sure what was going on there, but that may just be me. Alternate timelines? Time travel? A really bad trip into insanity at the loss of her only child? If we are a pseudo-narrator, why are we in the dark too? I'm sure that will be explained too, but still, lots of things happened with no clear explanation. Maybe that was the point. 

I am keeping in mind that this is an alpha, and all this may be fixed already (I am using 0.4.0, the one available here), but any feedback is good feedback right? Your game was an amazing experience, even for an alpha, and I will eagerly enjoy further updates hoping for a less depressing end. Best of luck to you all!

(Quick edit, the music is absolutely fantastic!)

Apologies for the delay!
It means a lot to hear such admiration for our little passion project! And we are always open for feedback as well and will try to keep an S rank quality to our story!

1. Since the start of our development, the alpha build currently consist of one route that will act as a catalyst for all the various routes that will be installed later down the line.  Naja, being the main character, helps deliver a feel of the story and the possible impacts that could be made, hence why we've focus mainly on her thus far.  Yet her story will not be the only driving force.  Several other characters will be traversed and their actions can and will impact various outcomes to the third act. (Be it impactful bonds, character deaths, etc)  We will see about high lightening the most important choices in later updates.

2.) We are aiming to replace the opening sequence to a more reasonable introduction to the story, via a bard.  Through him, and audience request, we'll open more options to how the story will expand.

3.) Currently we are offering most open demos of the game for free.  That said we do aim to see about selling it onto stream and such.  With such great talent going behind this project, we can only hope to make bread for all the work gone into Regal Tails.

As far as spoilers go, there will be a good number of endings...which will be far more bleaker then this current one! :D

But rest assure, you would only get said outcomes if you truly messed things up.  Many endings will be happy, somber, and bitter sweet outside the bad ones.  Do feel free to stay tuned until then! ^.~


Just wanted to leave my thoughts here after playing your demo.

At some points in the story I kinda had to skip dialogue. Maybe the clock that has made me a bit impatient, but sometimes it just didn't really feel like the narrative is getting me anywhere.

That would be totally okay if it was for character development, which it is in some way or another, if the characters wouldn't be flushed down the toilet right after.

Spoiler alert for anyone reading this who didn't play it yet.

Building up characters in one hour of reading, only to kill off everything you learned to know immediatly for shock value or convincing me that she needs to go on an epic quest for revenge seems kinda weird and off-putting to me. Especially if considerate neutral guy turns 100% evil and bloodthirsty in the next scene we see him, only to be killed and revived afterwards for us to get introduced to a revival mechanic which makes people unnecessarily confused. It makes me want to stop right there, because I assume this will just happen over and over.

I loved most of what I've seen until shock-value burning forest came around. There was obviously quite some work and effort put into this which is why I'm quite sad to leave it with a rather bad impression for now. Maybe it's just hard, especially in a demo, to find the right balance between "plot-armor" and "glass-cannon" presentation.

I absolutly don't have a clue what you have in store for us and if all of these things make sense and have rules and are grounded in this fantasy setting, but I trust you in delivering something of quality.

From what you can see here, I'm already quite invested in the development process of this game and I'm looking forward to what you're going to make of it! Best of luck!


Hi, hello

From what I superficially can see you really are doing an amazing job with this, what I assume is your first project. I am saying superficial, because I can't play it. I am 19, but I don't have a private pc.

Even if playing awsome crafted gay furry visual novels like for example Password, Tennis Ace and Wolfstar Sins and Paradise is a pleasure to me I would definetly like to take a look at Regal Tails. Here's my question: Are you planning on releasing an Android version anytime soon or in the future?

Above I read you are willing to 'change things up', so has anyone asked about one route (for now maybe) with a different orientation? I would consider to become a patron in the future.

The artwork in the pictures is pretty great, for a visual novel, I have to admit and reminds me of Blackgate, a former successful now pretty much abandoned project. If the story is as fantastic as the art I can see your project working out. ;)

I hope you will farther have alot of fun creating Regal Tails and not get tired of it, like the original Morenatsu team or Bane (Blackgate). :)

Sorry for any butchered English. I'm tired right now and from Germany...

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hello and thank you oh so very much for feeling so kindly about our little project!   

To answer your questions:

We're going to include a lot more scenes and characters to the current built as well as improve existing scenes.   In the future we're even hoping to include voice actors as well!

That said, all that programming into our game takes up space.   Space  in which Android has a strict limitation on app games.  Sadly our current build cant be processed onto an android properly,  but if you were to follow our patreon link you can find a link to a previous build of our game fitted for android!  (Again, it's not up to date, so if you wish to know what happens next, you might wanna see what YouTubers have picked in game ^^;)

I think visual novel writers and artists should always consider to add or change a scene or two.

I guess it's true that mobile devices can't handle pc programms, at least for now, though in the future...

Thank you for the fast reply. I downloaded the demo and will play it some time soon.

I actually watch visual novel YouTubers and it is possible that they will play Regal Tails.

I followed you on Patreon. :)


Amazing game


Probably one of the most intense VNs I've played in a LONG time, with some of the most gorgeous artwork to boot... 


I was really hoping Solair didn't die I liked his character he deserved a chance with Naja in my honest opinion Im hoping soon to see this in steam as a finished product 


Not saying anything... But you should hang on just a little bit longer ;)

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A great game!  The art works and CGIs are as good as the story telling. Hope to see an update or the full game release in the nearest futur. Keep  going with the good work!


I just want to say... waw, the story is amazing, and the charachters are attaching. Just a little bit disapointed with solair's death... i really liked him UwU...

I just can't wait for the next update, i really need to know the rest of the story! 


All in good time...some things will be tweaked around with...but overall, you won't be disappointed uwu 


I would like if you had options, like before Naja goes to fight, you have an option that had to do with Migina, that if you choose a certain one she doesn't die.


With this being an alpha build, rest assure we're putting much more into Regal Tails pass this free demo of ours!  ^_~


And also, don't think I dislike the story as is, I love the art and characters! And thank you for the reply :<                                                      


No worries on at all! The point of feedback is to improve...and trust us, it will get much much better ;)


Is there a Discord server or Subreddit where I can get notified about updates\just chat about the game? That'd be really awesome!


I'm pretty sure there's something about a Discord server on the games Patreon


We're currently in a close discord for patrons only, but feel free to check out our twitter where we keep stuff up to date on there as well! ^^


All I can say is, oh my god! I've played a fair few VN's before, but this one's on a whole other level. The story, visuals, and the music left me in awe at every second playing this. Very much a well done for what you've done so far, and I can't wait for the full release.

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Oh my god I just finished the demo after like 3+ hours (felt like a lot more but I didn't count) and I absolutely can't wait for the full release! I'll buy it instantly! I just hope the end section was some kind of a dream she had while being passed out because I REALLY loved Solaire's character!


Looking forward for the next update . Very cool game


My heart, My Soul, My sleeping schedule is now ruined by this game. It has all the things needed for a tale that will last. Some bits of humor, tragidy, romance even. Its's just... AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!


Absolutely love this game so far! Really exciting stuff and I can't wait to see more ;)



The art style is amazing and there's lots of effort that went into the world. Looking forwards to progress.


I like the premise, very well done, developer. 

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